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 Warlord-Ali Application.

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Warlord-Ali Application. Empty
PostSubject: Warlord-Ali Application.   Warlord-Ali Application. EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 1:51 pm

Hey i've recently gone clanless after 9 solid months with aoX!. So I'm looking for a clan like Fyc! to keep me in shape and make me a potential and even greater player.

PSN: Warlord-Ali




WIN LOSS RATIO: 0.80 (i leave lobbies cause my team is shit and no-one parties up with me cause there with clans, so i have a shit team)

SCORE AND DAYS PLAYED: 2 Days, No idea what my score is

DO YOU PUB HARD?: Nope, sometimes i do just to piss of the guys that think there mad lol


AGE: 14 but 15 in 19 days Smile


WHERE YOU HEARD ABOUT Fyc!: Sixaxisgaming

Some information I would like to add:

I Would like to talk about my clan history just so you can get to know me a bit.

R!OT - I started my competitive side with R!OT. After being introduced to Clan Central (now known as sixaxisgaming) i had a look at guns 4 hire and noticed R!OT were looking for a sniper. I felt up to it and added chaingang and in_zanette. I began with a 1v1 against in_zanetter on cod5, only losing by 2 he sent me over to chaingang on cod4 and i demolished him . We later then got a cwar and i played amazingly well and i was accepted into R!OT. After learing more and more about competitive gaming and R!OT i felt more at home. Then in_zanette left and shit went downhill as i started to being subbed quiet alot, i decided to leave. With the knowledge i gained to find a new clan to call home.

NvS - Was on and off with this clan, we started really strong on cod5 with JDU as our leader and myself as the underdog. We ended up disbanding cause the leaders were like cbf and many of the members left. So i was clanless once again.

FaiL - This clan was a very close group. It wasnt all about winning clan wars it was much more then that. This was a clan that made me feel like they were family. We won many wars and nearly beating some very top clans. And always had many lols in between. Is Lidawano as our leader and a333-half-evil as co-leader it didnt seem like we would have any trouble with leadership. But then it just started to die a bit inside of me and there was never anymore friendlies and everyone got lazy so bubbles who was a co-leader also left asell as bazzi_23q so i decided to join them and pursue a new place to call home.

aoX! - These guys were brilliant clan in the beginning. After only being made after 1 month they recruited me as i had made a name for myself on 6A as #1 Prepube Auscod ( as in best youngster ) After much time we got ourselves into the quarter finals of the x-mod only to be shut down by the best SND clan, sBd!. We then moved on learning from our defeat and found ourselves again in another quarter final. The Barebones tourny. We were up against ToXX with much communication by the boys and myself we were up 2-0 when the boys got cocky and ToXX brang it back and made it 3-2. We lost with much discomfort but was a fair war. We then made it into another final, against sBd! team 2 for CG. We thought we had this but i told the boys dont get to confident, we ended up losing 13-7. Thats basically when the clan began to break down, after 7 months of solid aoX!, the main boys left one at a time, DANNY23Q, dendabad, INI and messi all had left. Then my best friend Tigerz left. With myself as the only original member and fadi not acting like his usual self i didnt feel the same and decided to leave and take my experiences, communication and maturity to another clan that can make me even better. 9 months of aoX! and now its over.

Hopefully you guys can take me into much consideration as i do have alot of experiences with clans and am i much loyal member.

Love Wali.

My msn is: alio_bro_dayoub@hotmail.com
please add Smile

and to Juicy ill give you more moustache Razz
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Warlord-Ali Application.
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